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Eternal Spectre: a non-Linear Open world RPG game from IDMSOFT where every choice matters

Eternal Spectre; a nonlinear open-world RPG Third-person shooter Where every Choice matters. An RPG game, designed with RPG elements in mind keeping the storyline the main driving factor in this nonlinear multiple ending game. Check out more about Eternal Spectre


Eternal Spectre is a Non-linear Open-world RPG. Eternal Spectre's storyline is the main driver for the whole game. In Eternal Spectre choices matter. Even Simple NPCs react to players' actions and everything a player does affects the world. News spread fast and thus NPCs know a lot about what is happening in the world around them. In Eternal Spectre, the world is changing and shifting, but so are you. The non-linear storyline mechanic gives us the ability to shift the world as the player is going through the story. Choices matter and actions matter even more. In Eternal Spectre, a small action may go a long way. For example, helping an NPC Survive can go a long way as the NPC might open a different path later in the storyline. Side quests are tightly integrated with the storyline to give a proper sense of the world and promote a more cohesive and immersive story. In Eternal Spectre, you are free to act however you like, but be prepared to face the consequences

"We are working hard to deliver the ultimate RPG Open-World experience"

The RPG Mechanics will be announced in a later time.

Eternal Spectre will be coming later this year on PS5,PS4 XBOX S|X and PC


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