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NOTE: TBA is the best Answer sometimes. We have a lot of announcements and that's why this page has to be updated regularly



How long will the game be?

TBA What is the release date?


Where can I buy the game?

Xbox and PlayStation, PC (TBA)

What is Eternal Spectre? Eternal Spectre is an Open-world RPG Fantasy, third-person Shooter, with a non-linear story line at its heart. What is the story of Eternal Spectre ?! Jared miles is stranded together with his friends in unit 56 on the magical island Areas. Under-siege, Jared and unit 56 try to survive and escape the horrors of war while Jared tries to unravel the mysteries of Areas island.

What systems shall the game contain ?! At its core Eternal Spectre is a TP Shooter, however , Jared has an arsenal of tools under his command in terms of magic and abilities to help him. In that sense Jared has:

  • Weapons

  • Magical weapons

  • Gadgets

  • Magic [Skill Tree]

  • Unit 56 members to count on

  • Booster

  • Shield

  • Hoover

Does Eternal Spectre Contain Upgrades ?! Eternal Spectre does contain upgrading system for Attires, Weapons and Shields and Hoovers. There is also a weapon customization System. What modes will Eternal Spectre support ?

Eternal Spectre supports only campaign mode

What Era does the story take place ?

The story of Eternal Spectre takes place in a fictional era where the cyber punk aesthetic of the new world and the medieval magical of the old world meet

What Consoles and platforms will Eternal Spectre be released to?

Eternal Spectre will be released to Pc , Xbox and Ps5

What are the difficulty settings of Eternal Spectre?

The difficulty in Eternal spectre is managed by our Adversary Difficulty System (ADS) , a system that we will showcase in the future

What are the Customization features in Eternal Spectre?!

Beside the weapon customization system Attires can be colour adjusted using dyes found in the world, the main character customization ranges from face adjustment including hair, brows eye colour, facial hair and cosmetics to character attires with each their own properties

Are there any mini games in the world of eternal spectre?

Currently we have at least two mini-games with a plan to add more in the future

Are there vehicles that we can ride in Eternal Spectre?

Yes , hoovers. Jared has a hoover that he can use to get around. He can also upgrade its look and abilities.

Can we Fast travel in the world of Eternal Spectre?

Definitely yes, after visiting a place once a player unlocks the ability to fast travel to it unlimited amount of times. The world however has its own way of rewarding exploration. More on that will be discussed in a feature scheduled for later.

What are the enemy types available in Eternal Spectre?

Enemies are Humans Androids and finally Magical creatures

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