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Unleashing Creative Freedom: Exploring IDMSOFT's XFalcon Game-Changing Potential in Unreal Engine

Interviewer: Today, we have Mostafa from IDMSOFT Studio to discuss the XFalcon Framework built in Unreal Engine. Let's dive right in!

Interviewer: What inspired the development of XFalcon Framework?

Mostafa: The development of XFalcon Framework was inspired by the need for fast and stable development environments that are artist-friendly and encourage creative output with less focus on technical aspects. We wanted to provide a framework that streamlines the pipeline, facilitates the scope of work, and becomes a backbone for the game development process.

Interviewer: How does XFalcon Framework differentiate itself from other frameworks available for game development?

Mostafa: XFalcon acts as a middleman between the game features and the artist, providing full control over the entire game. It offers a clear and almost blueprint-like approach to development, making it easy for both developers and artists to interface with the framework. XFalcon also enables artists to control mission flow, easily edit and test their ideas, and offers multiple automation tools such as sequencer automations and dialogue system automations.

Interviewer: Can you provide an overview of the key features and functionalities offered by XFalcon Framework?

Mostafa: XFalcon Framework offers easy access to game mechanics and story features, serving as a user-friendly interface for manipulating game features in real-time and testing them immediately. It provides various automation tools, such as sequencer automations and dialogue system automations. Additionally, XFalcon incorporates a suite of tools, including Unreal PCG for level design, portal helpers, spline fences, dynamic navigation helpers, dialogue automation creation, and cinematic sequence helpers.

Interviewer: Could you share an example of a game that has been developed using XFalcon Framework?

Mostafa: Currently, IDMSOFT's latest title, Eternal Spectre, is the first game that utilizes XFalcon Framework. It showcases the power and capabilities of the framework in action.

Interviewer: How does XFalcon Framework assist with level design and environment creation?

Mostafa: XFalcon Framework provides a suite of tools specifically tailored for level design and environment creation. This includes Unreal PCG integration for level design, portal helpers, spline fences, dynamic navigation helpers, and more. These tools help streamline the level design process and allow for efficient creation and manipulation of game environments.

Interviewer: How does XFalcon Framework handle asset management and integration within the Unreal Engine ecosystem?

Mostafa: XFalcon Framework seamlessly integrates within the Unreal Engine ecosystem, making asset management and integration straightforward. It leverages the existing asset management capabilities of Unreal Engine, allowing for easy import and integration of assets.

Interviewer: Which platforms does XFalcon Framework currently support, and are there any plans for future platform expansions?

Mostafa: Currently, XFalcon Framework supports platforms such as PC, PS4/5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Nintendo, and even mobile. We aim to continue supporting all major platforms in the future.

Interviewer: How has the development of XFalcon Framework impacted the efficiency and productivity of your team at IDMSOFT Studio?

Mostafa: The development of XFalcon Framework has had a significant impact on the efficiency and productivity of our team at IDMSOFT Studio. It has provided our artists with the ultimate freedom to create and express their ideas without getting bogged down by technical complexities. The intuitive nature of XFalcon has allowed them to design, sketch, and create draft ideas and even missions within a matter of minutes. This newfound freedom has accelerated the development process and enabled our team to focus more on the creative aspects of game development, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Interviewer: Are there any notable success stories or projects that you can share, which highlight the benefits of using XFalcon Framework?

Mostafa: While we are currently in the development phase of our latest game, Eternal Spectre, we anticipate that it will serve as a remarkable example of the power and benefits of XFalcon Framework. We are excited about the possibilities it offers in terms of seamless game mechanics, captivating storytelling, and immersive experiences.

Interviewer: What are the future plans and updates in store for XFalcon Framework?

Mostafa: We have ambitious plans for the future of XFalcon Framework. One of our key areas of focus is leveraging the power of AI models to enhance the development process. We are currently exploring the integration of natural language processing (NLP) to generate content more efficiently, saving time and resources. Additionally, we plan to incorporate feedback from our development teams and continually refine and expand XFalcon's features based on their needs and requirements.


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